UAV Sensor Payloads

The Aretas Aerial team prides themselves on providing creative specialized solutions for a wide-variety of applications and data needs, all built in North America. We can include ONE or MORE of our advanced imagery and environmental sensor technologies with the right fixed-wing or multirotor UAV designs. UAV sensor payloads can include components such as HD video and photography, FLIR thermal imaging, radiation level monitoring, VOC's, PM 2.5 and more.
Aretas Aerial offers the most sophisticated aerial environmental sensing platform available today. Contact a live Aretas representative today to discuss your specific project needs and for a free quote.
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Sensor data is transmitted wirelessly from the UAV and received by your on-site laptop using the USB Wireless Receiver



Product Features

Advanced Aerial Sensing Platforms

We can fly almost any sensor payload including:
  • PIN-D or GM Tube Radiation Detector Apparatus (gimbal mounted, steerable)

  • NIDR CO2 detector
  • H2S sensors
  • PID VOC sensors - These are the highest bbp resolution "flyable" sensors available

  • Electrochem modular - CO, NO2, NO

  • Uncommon compounds - This includes a large variety of specific compounds; HCL, HCN, PH3, Ozone
 and more
  • Airborne particulates - PM1, PM2.5, PM10

Fully Customizable

The Right UAV for the Job
Each project is unique, and depending on your needs our team will pair the sensing and imaging technologies with the right UAV. There are many considerations that help us determine the UAV that fits your projects and budgets best, including the number of sensors/cameras, weight, flight duration, stabilization, data transmission and more.
We have a fleet of UAV crafts with varied payloads that we can fly for you on contract. Our fleet of fixed-wing and multirotors come in a variety of sizes all of which are compact, portable and capable of carrying payloads with weighs up to several kilograms with power modules to match up to 20,000mAh. Also, our team can build highly customized UAVs with mission specific capabilities.
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Automated Missions

All of the UAVs have full or partial autopilot capabilities (automated mission execution, loitering), live telemetry (live video & OSD telemetry), ground stations and other capabilities you'd expect from a fully automated system.

In short, we have a large, capable fleet of customizable craft and a large selection of cameras, gimbals, payloads, power modules, live video and more.