UAV Security and Intelligence Uses

For UAV security & intelligence gathering drones provide an ideal platform for a wide range of UAV security applications including high definition video & photography to FLIR thermal infrared imaging for effective day or night operations.

Drones for security surveillance provide flexibility those on the ground can not such as quick fly-overs of fenced, hazardous or potentially hostile locations, border and coastal surveillance, police or highway surveillance, protection of sensitive sites or infrastructures, monitoring of natural disasters.

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Product Features

Other benefits of UAVs for security operations are:

  • With Aretas UAV technologies we can include sensors that detect chemical, biological, radiological nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) allow command centers to better inform teams what issues may be present on scene.
  • Having a mobile command center for drone deployment allows investigative or response teams working in remote areas to take their entire communication system with them. In urban areas, an aerial video provides actionable information so commanders can make informed decisions at the incident.
  • Covert and overt surveillance of critical infrastructure and perimeters to provide protection to staff, resources and assets.
  • Suspicious object/package assessment (visually).
  • Rapid response to remotely identified security threats.