UAV Drone Temperature & Relative Humidity Monitoring

Aerial sensor platforms are powerful tools for understanding environmental conditions. Get real time data from anywhere your UAV can take it, including the current temperature and relative humidity conditions. Data logging and archiving accurate sensor data for later reference can also help with overall data analysis and interpretation. Understanding the bigger environmental conditions can help you infer details about how crops and industrial processes are affected by air pollution and other parameters.

We also offer a heat index on our online analytics. The Heat Index is  based on the US National Weather Service Heat Index and is a measure of how hot it really ‘feels’ when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature. As an example, if the air temperature is 96°F and the relative humidity is 65%, the heat index--how hot it feels--is 121°F.

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Aretas can include UAV temperature and relative humidity monitoring along with all of our sensor solutions such as CO, CO2, NO2, O3, VOC, PM or Ozone. The wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system sensor has an operating range of -25°C ~ +85°C (-13°F ~ +185°F).

Product Features

Sensor Specifications

Temperature Sensor:

  • Operating Temperature Range -25°C ~ +85°C (-13°F ~ +185°F)
  • Measurement Range +5°C ~ +50°C (41°F ~ +122°F)
  • Accuracy ±1.0°C
  • Resolution 14-bit ± 0.025°C
  • Response time 5 ~ 30 s (in slow moving air)

Relative Humidity Sensor:

  • Measurement Range 10% ~ 90%RH
  • Accuracy ± 4%RH
  • Resolution 14-bit ± 0.04%RH
  • Operating Temperature Range -25°C ~ +85°C (-13°F ~ +185°F)
  • Response time typical 6s, maximum 8s (when minimum airflow is 20 l/min)