UAV Drone Real Estate Video and Photography

The use of drones to capture real estate aerial video and photography can give a distinct advantage when selling a property. UAV real estate video is able to show key elements of a property not seen easily from the ground such as panoramic views, views from the ocean or lakes even expensive custom features like slate roofs and copper gutters. Developers can also beneift from UAV real estate development video and photography as shown in this residential development highlight video to the right.

Real estate aerial photography also adds value to marketing materials to give unique and eye-catching views of a property that can make the difference in scheduling additional showings.

Custom built gimbal stabilizers provide smooth motion video in HD quality, GPS positioning allows for precision capture and adjustment to get just the right shot or angle. The operator's ground-control station can provide streaming video through a monitor, laptop computer, or tablet.

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Product Features

More than just Video

Having an aerial video of your home can show more that just how good it looks. Getting an aerial perspective can be used to show property lines, roof quality, chimineys and even show if the gutters have been maintained. Adding thermal cameras can help identify building thermal properties which can save thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.